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President Obama to Announce Executive Action on Immigration

President Obama is scheduled to announce his executive action on immigration tonight in a nationally televised speech.  The details of the plan will become more clear in the coming days; however, the early information seems to indicate an expansion of the already existing deferred action program.  This latest executive action (or frankly inaction) will expand coverage to another group of illegal aliens estimated to number around five million.  Putting aside all the rhetoric surrounding the action, President Obama will simply be promising all those in the eligible population (those living in the U.S. for at least five years) that apply to not deport them.  In addition, those individuals will be able to obtain a work authorization document which will allow them to legally work in the United States.  Stay tuned tonight and in the coming days as we get a better understanding of the full details of the proposal.  The key thing to remember is to tune out the political rhetoric from all sides and focus on the facts and details of the executive action.  From all indications, President Obama won't be doing anything different from what was already done several years ago when the deferred action program was launched.


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