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Immigration Reform Takes a Leap Forward

Late last week the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill which now moves the issue to the House.  The bill included provisions related to:

  • The mandatory use of E-Verify by all employers within a five year phase in period;
  • A long-term path to legalization for those currently in the U.S. illegally;
  • A temporary worker program for low-skilled non-agricultural workers;
  • A program to help legalize undocumented farm workers;
  • Minor changes making the H-1B program slightly more restrictive for employers;
  • Additional funding for border security issues; and
  • Funding for a youth jobs program through fees levied on employers using foreign workers.

The next step for immigration reform is for the House to deal with the issue of immigration reform.  While the Senate was taking up the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, the House was simply debating individualized bills targeting specific items of interest to House members.  The step-by-step approach being used by the House has put forward a number of bills addressing similar issues as those covered in the Senate bill.  Over the next several months, the House is likely to see strong debate on this issue.  Stay tuned to see how the House deals with the Senate approved version of immigration reform. 


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