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HHS Extends Deadlines for States to Make Exchange Decisions

HHS has released a fact sheet extending a key deadline for states to take the steps necessary to establish either a state-based insurance exchange or a state partnership exchange. This modifies the timetable set out in HHS's previously released Blueprint for establishing an insurance exchange (see coverage here). The highlights:

  • State-Based Exchange. To create a state-based exchange, states still must file a Declaration Letter by November 16, 2012, but they will now have until December 14, 2012 to complete the required Blueprint Application.
  • State Partnership Exchange. To create a state partnership exchange, states have until February 15, 2013 to file a Declaration Letter and Blueprint Application. They must indicate in those documents what roles they intend to fill in the partnership exchange (plan management functions, consumer assistance functions, or both).
  • 2015 Deadlines. States that want to adopt a different exchange model for 2015 than they use in 2014 must submit a Declaration Letter by November 18, 2013 and a Blueprint Application by December 16, 2013.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback recently affirmed his position that Kansas will not participate in the exchange system at any level for 2014 (his signature is necessary for the state to file a Declaration Letter), so Kansas residents will be covered by a federally facilitated exchange for 2014, absent a change in position before the February 15, 2013 deadline to apply for a state partnership exchange.


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