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Bible Publisher Files Lawsuit Over Contraception Mandate

In the ongoing saga over the contraception rules under health care reform's preventive-care mandate (see prior coverage here and here), the Washington Times has a recent article reporting that a for-profit Bible publisher is suing to obtain relief from the law. It claims it is a "religious employer" and should be exempt from the requirement to provide free access to contraception. HHS's regulations limit the religious-employer exemption to non-profit organizations engaged in ecclesiastical functions (essentially houses of worship) and, thus, categorically deny exemption for any for-profit employer.

This aspect of health care reform has proven especially controversial and contentious, because it touches on two hot-button issues: (1) the line between government regulation and religious freedom, and (2) the ability of women to access certain health-care products and services. Given the battle lines that have been drawn already, the issues seem unlikely to be resolved soon.


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